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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Proud Xeracx Stalker

This tutorial was written by me, Lori, on Sept. 5, 2009.
And it was written for those who should already have a basic knowledge of working with PSP.
I used Paint Shop Pro XI
Do not copy this tutorial and post it through any group or claim it as your own. Please share a text link only.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.
Supplies needed:

Tube(s) of choice, I used Ismael Rac, you must purchase a license found here.
Template from Missy of Divine Intentionz, which can be found here.(tag templates 236-240)
Font of choice (I used Affair)
Plugins: Eye Candy 4000, Xero & Tramages,
Please remember to stop and save often.
Add drop shadow of choice as you go. Refer to my example as needed
Let's Rock this Tutorial!!

Open Template resize Canvas Width: 750 Height: 600, (you may crop and/or resize later)
Open tube of choice, copy and paste above XERACX layer, resize, arrange to liking. With your magic wand, click in middle of the first X, Go to selections~~>Float~~>Defloat~~>Invert. Click on tube layer and hit delete key. Continue untill you have all letters filled, you may use the same tube or a different one for each letter. Merge each layer down untill all letters are on one layer. Go to Effects~~>Plugins~~>Xero~~>Porcelain using these settings:
(if you're having trouble w/these images click for larger and/or let me know, this is my first time doing it this way!)

Go to original XERACX, go to Effects~~>Plugins~~>Eye Candy 4000~~>Gradient Glow using these settings:
Basic tab:

Color tab:

with the color #e52987 on both boxes

Go to Effects~~>Plugins~~>Tramages~~>Pool Shadow using these settings:

Add drop shadow w/these settings:

Go to shape layer Duplicate and change the color of the top one to color#e52987, go to Adjust~~>Blur~~>Gaussian Blur: Radius: 50. Add drop shadow with these settings:

Repete the same drop shadow on the SAME layer.

Go to Effects~~>Plugins~~>Tramages~~>Pool Shadow using these settings:

Go to the bottom shape layer and color change to black go to Adjust~~>Blur~~>Gaussian Blur: Radius: 70. Add drop shadow with these settings:
 Color #e9298d

Go to Proud layer, change color to #e52987. Go to Effects~~>Plugins~~>Eye Candy 4000~~>Gradient Glow using these settings:

Add drop shadow with these settings:
color e52987
Do the same with the Stalker layer.

Open one tube of choice place in middle of tag, arrange under XERACX layer, and above proud & Stalker layers. Open another tube of choice place to the left of XERACX and open another tube of choice and place to the right of XERACX, arrange these two as top layers. Add dropshadows of choice.

Add new raster layer, send to bottom, flood fill Black and with selection tool set to rounded square, draw out a square, go to Selections~~>Invert and hit delete button on key board. Go to Adjust~>Blur~>Gaussian Blur: Radius: 13

Add name , Copyright info and license and save!

Thanks for Rocking Out my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed! ~Lori


Photobucket Thanks to Shani of Wicked Princess Scraps for the use of her kit, Strength In Me, a FTU kit to help raise awareness in testicular cancer. No matter what kind of cancer it is, if you love someone with cancer, be by their side and 'Love them through it'.
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