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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Dreams

This tutorial was written by me, Lori, on April 19, 2010.
And it was written for those who should already have a basic knowledge of working with PSP. I used Paint Shop Pro XI
Do not copy this tutorial and post it through any group or claim it as your own. Please share a text link only. If you use this tutorial please send me a copy of the tag you made with it to my e-mail to the left. I'd LOVE to see the creations and post into my slide show! Thank You!
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.

Supplies needed
Tube(s) of choice, I used ©Jamie Kidd, you must purchase a license to use her artwork and can be found here.
PTU Scrapkit by Merrily of I don't give a scrap called "Sweet Dreams" and can be found here.
Tag template#5, by Lacarolita's Designz and can be found here.
Font of choice (I used Panderia)
Plug ins Eye Candy 4000(optional for name) and Xero (Porcelain)
Please remember to stop and save often.
Add drop shadow of choice as you go. Refer to my example as needed, merge layers down as needed to make things a little eaiser.

Let's Rock this Tutorial!!

Open the template in PSP, using your shortcut keys on your keyboard (SHIFT+D) duplicate the template as a new image. You may crop and resize later. Close the original.

Delete raster layer 1.

Open 3 lace ribbons of choice, resize to 498x26 pixels, copy and paste as new layers, resize to fit over the raser layers 5, 6 and 7 lines. Duplicate each and go to Image-Free rotate and rotate Left 270 degrees. Arrange to fit over the raster layers 2, 3 and 4 lines. Delete all original layers.

Open paper7. Go to Raster 8, Select-All- Selections-Float-Defloat. Add new raster layer, copy and paste paper 7 into selection. Delete original layer.

Add close up of tube of choice, you may need to resize a little smaller, go to Effects-Photo Effects and add the black and white film effect of choice. Duplicate layer, go to the original go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussien Blur set to 20. Go to Duplicated layer and set visability to 30. Do the same with the close up of the teddy bear.

Open 2 stargems of choice, resize to 109x105 pixels and arrange to fit over the flowers on raster layers 9 and 10. Open the star element with the face on it, resize to 104x97 pixels and arrange to fit over the flower on raster layer 11.

Open pillow2, arrange to the right of tag, rotating just a little to lliking.

Add tube of choice, arrange to liking. Duplicate and move the copied layer below your laces. Go back to original and carefully erase any tubing that is hanging over the laces, for the bottom part of the tube, erase only the nightgown being sure not to erase any of the teddybear.

Open cloud, resize 325x193 pixels and arrange to the top right of the image, open cloud goodnight wa, resize 304x149 pixels and arrange to fit over the cloud. Open a moon of choice resize 105x118 pixels and arrange to the right of the cloud.

Open beaddoodle of choice, resize to 340x74 pixels and arrange at the bottom under the laces.

Open 3 bows of choice, resize to 108x113 pixels and arrange one to the right of the bottom horizontal laces, one to the left where the horizontal and vertical laces meet and the other to the top of the vertical laces.

Open bear3 resize to 117x145 pixels and arrange to sit at the right of the horizontal laces.

Add any other elements of choice.
Add Name, Copyright info, and save!
Thanks for Rocking Out my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed! ~Lori


Photobucket Thanks to Shani of Wicked Princess Scraps for the use of her kit, Strength In Me, a FTU kit to help raise awareness in testicular cancer. No matter what kind of cancer it is, if you love someone with cancer, be by their side and 'Love them through it'.
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